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Need your questions answering about metal? If so, you’re in good hands at Notz Metall. We are trusted experts for all matters concerning metal as a material. Our state-of-the-art materials laboratory is the cornerstone of our expertise and empowers us to answer your questions with confidence. Here, we don’t just provide specialist expertise, but also fast, straightforward and cost-effective solutions that effectively address your needs. This embodies our philosophy and is how we map out solutions. 

Our success is based on our own know-how, but also on the strong relationships we have forged with our partners. We value the knowledge and resources offered by our partners in research centres, universities and manufacturing companies worldwide. This close collaboration allows us to stay on the cutting edge of technology and develop innovative solutions for our customers.

Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is reflected in every interaction with us. Whether it’s a simple enquiry or a complex problem, you can be assured that we will take your concerns seriously and handle them with the utmost professionalism. We take pride in being a trusted partner in all aspects of metal.

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Impartial expert opinions

  • Corrosion damage

  • Causes of fracture

  • Processing difficulties

  • Tensile tests according to DIN EN 10002-1
    • Rp0.2 - Rp1.0 - Rm – A, other results possible upon request
    • The following load cells are available 200 N, 1000 N, 2500 N, 5000 N, 50 kN and 100 kN

  • Component testing (tension, compression and bending)

  • Hardness testing
    • Brinell test HB (EN ISO 6506-1)
    • Vickers test HV (EN ISO 6507-1)
    • Rockwell test HRC (EN ISO 6508-1)
    • Micro hardness test and hardness curves, EHT

  • Roughness measurements on flat and round material
    • Ra, Rz, R-max measurements 
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Metallographic tests

  • Qualitative assessment of structures

  • Particle size determinations

  • Determination of non-metallic inclusions

  • Investigations of welding seams

  • Quantitative metallography
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Chemical tests

  • Testing for intercrystalline corrosion according to EN ISO 3651-2
    • Copper sulfate/sulfuric acid method (Strauss test)
    • With sample processing and heat treatment options
    • Further standardized corrosion tests upon request

  • Complete spectrometric analysis of materials

  • C+S determination (carbon + sulfur)
    • Combustion analysis

  • Exposure tests, corrosion tests according to customer specifications (e.g., salt spray corrosion)
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Other services

  • Ferrite content analysis by ferritoscope for austenitic steels by magnetic induction

  • Dye penetrant testing

  • Materials technology clarifications, consulting, literature research, appraisals, claim investigations, reporting
    • Investigation reports (consisting of multiple pages, including relevant documentation)

  • Seminars and courses
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Overview of laboratory services and price list

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Materials laboratory

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